Assisted Living Care in a Place You Can Call Home

Seat Pleasant, Maryland

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Quality Care

Sunbeam Assisted Living Home is a 5-bed home with 24-hour affordable care located in a quiet neighborhood in Seat Pleasant, MD. Highly trained caregivers are committed to providing top-of-the-line services and compassionate care in an alternative setting.

Quality Care

Change is hard...

Sunbeam is here to help.

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We know how challenging it can be to adjust to a new environment and a new lifestyle.

It takes time

It takes time...

Compassion and attentiveness can make a world of difference. When everything feels new, it's important to feel welcome and safe in your surroundings.

This is why we prioritize creating a loving environment that gives our residents the confidence they need to thrive.

every life Deserves a Healthy Balance of:

Independence. Safety. Happiness. Fulfillment.

That's why our mission is to enhance overall health by optimizing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs that restore a fulfilling balance at any point in a person's life.

Your Loved One Deserves:

Customized experience

Customized experience

We work individually with each family

Compassionate care

Compassionate care

We prioritize compassion and respect

Companionship and socialization

Companionship and socialization

We encourage relationships and communication

independence and confidence

independence and confidence

We serve with integrity, innovation, and drive

HOBBIES AND passions

HOBBIES AND passions

We nurture an environment of recreational discovery

happiness and fulfillment

happiness and fulfillment

We promote engaging activities that spark joy

The Sunbeam Family

Our Residents, Residents' Family, and Our Care Team Create


Our team consists of Assisted Living Managers, Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Certified Medical Assistants, Resident's Physicians, and Nurse Practitioners who make Sunbeam distinctive in the care that they provide.

Owner Judith Nwakanma has more than a decade of Home Care and Assisted Living experience and over 25 years as a critical care nurse with extensive training and knowledge in healthcare and unique perspectives on individualized patient and personal care.

Through passion, dedication, and devotion, our Assisted Living Home was established to provide care for those who need assistance with activities of daily living while promoting optimum independence with love, dignity, and respect.



Levels of Care

At Sunbeam, we provide 3 Levels of Care: Low (Level One); Intermediate/Moderate (Level Two); High (Level Three). Our staff is equipped to help your loved one with all aspects of daily living to make home life manageable and prioritize their individual needs of care.


24-Hour Staff

We provide supervision and assistance around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our trained, attentive, and nurturing staff is inside the Sunbeam home assisting with activities of daily living and ensuring your loved one is safe and cared for at all times – day and night.


Nursing Services

Nursing services include initial and every 45 days assessment and medication review. Re-assessment when condition changes or emergency happens. Service plan individualized and updated every 6 months or as needed. The nurse has an oversight of all clinical services and recommendations. The nurse also delegate to caregivers after thorough training. 


Medication Management

The nurse does medical review with all assessment. Every 6 months the pharmacy reviews all medication orders to identify issues with advanced medication interactions and follows up with the physician.

at Sunbeam

Well-Balanced Dietary Needs

We provide 3 balanced meals and wholesome snacks in between meals based on the standard state menu plans for assisted living with individualized accommodations for special dietary requirements and doctor-ordered modification.

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  • Activities of daily living which includes assistance with feeding, ambulating/mobility, dressing, personal hygiene, continence care, and toileting

  • 24-Hour Staffing Supervision

  • Nutritious Meals three (3) times a day and snacks in between meals. (Modified for special conditions and with Doctors orders)

  • Customized Service Plan

  • Quality Assurance Assessment Every 6 months

  • Coordination with Physician for Follow-Up Services

  • Delegating Nurse Initial Assessment, every 45 days follow up assessment and On Call

  • Medication Management and Administration

  • Pharmacy Review Every 6 Months

  • Reminders or physical assistance for resident who can self-administer medication and/or administration of medications

  • Sunbeam Assisted Living shall assist with arrangement for the routine ordering of medication and/or medical supplies where applicable from a licensed provider except when otherwise specified by the physician

  • Laundry and Housekeeping Services

  • Exercise, Recreational Activities, and Entertainment

  • Assistance with Access to Healthcare and Social Services

  • Coordination of Transportation to Church and Social Activities


Personal Hygiene
and Comfort Care


Quality Assurance


Coordination of Transportation
and Staffing Support

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Sunbeam Services are for Levels 1 to 3 Care

as Per Maryland Regulation

Caring for your loved one is what we do best 2

Caring for your loved one is what we do best.

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Mailing Address

6809 Avon Street
Seat Pleasant, MD 20743

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Judith Nwakanma - Manager / Administrator


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We're more than
assisted living...

We help her
live life to
the fullest.


Judith Nwakanma - Manager / Administrator
6809 Avon Street
Seat Pleasant, MD 20743

fax: 301-684-5535